Email copywriter

As an email copywriter, I specialise in creating emails that feel like natural conversations to connect with subscribers in a meaningful way.

Most marketing emails are about as welcome as finding a hair in your soup. They often come at the wrong time, are poorly written, or sound robotic and inauthentic.

You may be running out of creative ideas (and time) to write compelling emails. But you know the power of email marketing and how just 50 compelling characters can make the difference between an email being opened or deleted.

And, no matter how strong your subject line is, if the content wastes your subscribers’ time, your emails simply won’t work.

When you provide useful information, demonstrate how you’ll support subscribers, and only make offers at the right moment, audiences become more engaged without aggressive selling tactics. This relaxed approach leads to better open rates, more clicks, and more leads and loyal customers over time.

My email copywriter service takes a fresh approach to communicating with your subscribers. Here’s what you get:

  • Messaging, tone, and strategies tailored to your brand personality. This establishes continuity across campaigns.
  • Relationship-building at every stage of the customer journey – from brand awareness to purchase and beyond.
  • Automated, personalised email campaigns that directly support your business goals.
  • More time for you to focus on other parts of your company because I handle email copywriting.
  • A growing, engaged email list and steadier sales through regular communication.

Specifically, you’ll receive:

  • Welcome Emails: Make meaningful first impressions without a sales pitch. Set the tone for subscriber relationships.
  • Brand Story Emails: Spark emotional connections by spotlighting what makes your company special. Demonstrate your reputation.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Send the right messages to the right segments at the optimal time to avoid inbox fatigue.
  • Lead Nurturing: Guide subscribers through the sales journey with timely, relevant email campaigns.
  • Newsletters: Build brand awareness, educate prospects, and engage customers through regular communications.
  • Transactional Emails: Confirm purchases, share shipping updates, thank customers, and handle account management automatically.
My email copywriter service helps you have more personalised, effective conversations with your email subscribers. This leads to better engagement, sales, and lasting connections. Let’s work together to make your emails stand out!

Why hire an email copywriter? Well, email is definitely still the best way to connect with your customers and get them excited about finding you. It helps them make the decision to choose your services.

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