Content designer

Being a Content Designer means not limiting yourself to just words. Content on the web is often words, but not always. The point of content design is that you start with research to help you identify what your users actually need (which isn’t the same thing as they say that they want).

Then instead of saying “How shall I write this”, you say, “What content will best meet this need?”

The answer might be words, but it might also be other things; pictures, diagrams, charts, links calendars, a series of questions and answers, videos, addresses, maps, calculators, spreadsheets, printable documents, and many more besides.

When your job is to decide which one of those, or which combination of several of them, meets the user’s need – that’s content design.

A freelance Content Designer

I’ll scope the project and let you know how long it’ll take me to complete the work or you tell me how long your team needs me – some projects take a few days while others might take a few months.

Let’s chat about the scope of your project and go from there.

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