Terms and Conditions for Lucky Andrew

Last Updated: 1st January 2024

  1. Welcome to Lucky Andrew’s Website!
    • Our website address is luckyandrew.co.uk.
    • By using our website, you agree to follow our rules. If you don’t agree with these rules, please don’t use the site.
  2. Who Owns What
    • Lucky Andrew owns everything on this website unless it’s something you’ve created yourself.
    • You can look at the website, but you can’t use our content for your own purposes without permission.
  3. Things You Can’t Do
    • Don’t share anything from our website without saying where it’s from.
    • You can’t sell or make money from our website’s content.
    • Don’t show our website content in public without permission.
    • Don’t use our website in a way that could harm it.
    • Don’t stop other people from using our website.
    • Always follow the law when using our website.
  4. Your Content
    • If you post something like text, pictures, or videos on our website, it should be yours and not break anyone else’s rights.
    • We can remove your content from our website at any time without telling you.
  5. No Promises
    • Our website is offered ‘as is’, which means we can’t promise that everything is perfect or suits your needs.
  6. Limits on Our Responsibility
    • Lucky Andrew and those who work for him aren’t responsible for any problems you might have from using our website.
  7. Changes to the Rules
    • We might change these rules sometimes. It’s a good idea to check them regularly to stay updated.
  8. Legal Stuff
    • These rules are based on UK law.
    • If there are any legal issues, they will be dealt with in UK courts.

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